India ranks 1st (out of 60 countries) on the 2021 Kearney Global Services Location Index with an overall score of 7.09. This index assesses the countries’ capacity to deliver services based on parameters like financial potential, talent availability, business environment, digital resonance, etc. Besides, the country has an abundance of experienced software companies that are well equipped to manage outsourcing projects of any size and scale. Ask any potential outsourcing providers what ISO certifications they hold to support your data protection. This can include information security policies and physical security measures. It can free up talented onshore staff in a business’s home country to work on higher-value tasks that add much more value.

  • Depending on the scale of your project, technology requirements, budget constraints, and other factors, choose whether you want to go for outsourcing, offshoring, or nearshoring.
  • From there, you can easily upscale and prepare another contract to include additional services like bookkeeping, accounts payable, etc.
  • In India, the average hourly salary of developers is around $20-$40 per hour.

Artificial Intelligence enables businesses to automate the majority of their tasks and deliver an unmatched experience that is data-driven. It can also help reduce the errors and bottlenecks in processes to streamline operations and optimize experiences. As discussed above, businesses are looking forward to increasing their outsourcing budget. And it’s not just because of the growing competition or the evolving technology.

Why Are There Many U.S. Companies Looking For Outsourcing Partners in India

The Indian software industry has the ready infrastructure, specialized knowledge and skilled software developers for the job. But out of all, India stands out as the most preferred location for businesses to outsource their accounting and bookkeeping needs. Indian talents are known for their dedication and are happy to work overtime if needed. If your talent is not meeting your expectations, you must share your feedback in a constructive manner and ask them about the challenges they face. Indians have a can-do attitude and avoid openly talking about the obstacles they face during work. Regularly speaking to your talents and building a good rapport will help you communicate easily with them and build a good working relationship.

  • Plus, due to the abundant availability of talent and lower labor costs in India, you can choose to upscale or downscale your business with a very short turnaround time.
  • Their speciality lies in making digital products that are efficient as well as cost-effective.
  • It has been offering customer-centric development services along with standardized services to suit the needs of all clients.
  • This concern is particularly pronounced with copyright and licensing in the outsourcing scene.
  • Moreover, the labour costs in India is low, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to compromise with the quality since India has the highest number of ISO-certified companies.
  • Outsourcing to India has been increasingly popular for companies to reduce costs and access the country’s enormous pool of talent.

Most companies even cater to replacement requests with no questions asked. As per the 2019 Small Business BPO Survey by Clutch, the most commonly outsourced services are IT services and accounting. Thus, developers and engineers in India don’t just possess technical skillset but even excellent communication acumen.

Advantages of Outsourcing KPO to India

As they’ll have no trouble talking to your customers and addressing their needs, they’re perfect for your customer support services. India churns out a massive number of skilled professionals every year from its many colleges and universities. Most of them are well-versed with world-class business practices and the latest technologies to perform your tasks efficiently. According to a 2022 report, offshore companies are expected to spend $200 billion on talent acquisition and retention in India by 2025. So it’s important to make sure that your outsourcing partner is competent and adaptable. They should also possess a company culture that fits in with your own.

Do you have near real-time monitoring of process quality?

Outsourcing can be rightly termed as the process by which company delegates its business to third parties or agencies with an intention to cut down on its operational or management costs. As stated, outsourcing companies in India provide a lot of advantages for any company’s offshoring. Many corporations in the USA like to outsource their call center service rather than create their team. IBM caught the attention of U.S. labor markets after it moved well-paid jobs to lower-cost countries like India. The company employed 130,000 people in India, while 100,000 people at its American offices.

“Companies may not move support, local and technology hubs from India to China, but they could create a hub of many countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and a lot of Middle-Eastern countries. It’s just about them realising it and us taking too long to adjust ourselves. This will require a massive push and it has to come from the top as well,” says Mukherjee. Latin American countries Colombia, Brazil and Mexico are also emerging IT outsourcing centres, although the developers mostly speak Portuguese and Spanish. Latin America mostly offers a bunch of generic skills which features on the mid- to low-end of the expertise spectrum, Vohra says. This way, you’ll have no trouble communicating work requirements with Indian workforces.

Mindster is one of the topmost mobile app development firms that works towards making your technology experience more exciting and engaging. They help startups, enterprises & digital agencies establish & extend their development teams and develop impressive web & products. Signity Solutions is a leading IT-outsourcing company in India that works to deliver world-class Design, Development, and Artificial Intelligence services to its global customers. By hiring a data entry outsourcing firm in India, you’ll save a lot of time and money. One of the benefits of using Magento as your shopping cart platform is Acelerar can also offer you end-to-end support with data entry services. After hiring candidates Premium help train their team members as per the industry standards.

Government Support and Infrastructure in India

The pressure to stay competitive in the industry would force most of the businesses to outsource their IT functions. From cryptocurrencies to cybersecurity to AI, ML, or data science, companies would be looking to get the best talent to build products with such functionalities. Outsourcing to India means the freedom to scale your teams as and when required. There is unlimited talent in the country, which means you can find experts in no time for your project. Moreover, when you join hands with a software outsourcing company in India, you get to scale without any hindrance. They analyze your requirements and add or reduce team members to ensure everything goes as planned.

CapActix Business Solutions

Whether you need IT professionals, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) experts, etc., an Indian offshore outsourcing firm or company can offer a large number of qualified people. If you want to recruit your own team, you can choose from a vast talent pool. Outsourcing services in India have evolved beyond traditional IT services. Businesses can now outsource a wide range of non-IT functions such as finance and accounting, human resources, customer support, and more.

We have also been ranked one of the best outsourcing companies in India by sites like Clutch and GoodFirms. As a result of these reforms, Indian companies started offering outsourcing services in software development what is carrying value in accounting and IT support to global clients, particularly from the United States. The Indian outsourcing industry initially focused on providing low-cost labor for routine IT tasks and back-office functions.

When you’re fully ready, you can take complete control over the operations of the team. Under the fixed price engagement models, your Indian outsourcing software development partner agrees to complete a project with a clearly defined scope within a specified budget and timeframe. Also, most Indian firms boast high-speed internet bandwidth to facilitate constant uninterrupted communication and support for their global clients. Thus, they are recognized for delivering top-notch software solutions and services to their clients. When it comes to outsourcing, there are many other Asian countries such as China and the Philippines that are being preferred. But India remains the top outsourcing destination – especially when it comes to outsourcing software development.